Exchange students

You will get information from International House, there is a specific time you need to be at Dragvoll, for those of you attending classes related to humaniora and political science.

What is a “Linjeforening”? “Linjeforening” is a student organization that is social responsible for each and every student at their studies. For example: “De Folkevalgte”, hvis is the student organization for the students attending political science classes. All of the student organizations are made and runned by students. And they all do it for free! The leader of Fadderutvalget will explain more detailed about why you need to know all this.

You will be able to choose by yourself which “Linjeforening” you wish to join. They have a fully scheduled program during the whole socialization period, also called “Fadderuka”. If you want to meet Norwegian students, this is the best place to start!

Enjoy your stay in Norway! I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

The program, as arranged by Fadderutvalget Dragvoll 2017:

  • 14th of August: Welcoming day at NTNU. Buses will take you from Gløshaugen to Dragvoll, departing from the front of Hovedbygget.
  • 15th of August: Vrimledag. Arranged by NTNU Dragvoll.
  • 21th of August: Theme party at Samfundet. Each linjeforening will have a specific theme. You’ll have to make a costume based on that them!Ex: “Jungle theme”. Dress as Tarzan, a tree, a gorilla and so on.
  • 24th of August: Stand-up. There will be two shows for the Dragvoll students, at 17:00 and 19:00. Talk to your linjeforening about which time to meet up.

Wondering what to do the rest of Fadderuka? Find yourself a linjeforening on the welcoming day and join their program as well!


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